Reinforced concrete is called monolithic in case when its structures are poured directly on the construction area. This technology allows you to build facilities with any architecture, create straight or curved lines. In addition, concrete – an environmentally friendly material that does not conceal any danger for people.


We use a wide range of ceramic wall materials. These are traditional products – solid and hollow bricks (ordinary, front and clinker) and hollow stones, as well as more modern products – large-format hollow blocks of porous ceramics.

Facade work

  • Vinyl siding assembling
  • Hinged ventilated facades (corrugated board, metal siding) assembling
  • Facing with artificial stone
  • Clinker tiling
  • Facing bricks laying
  • Decorative plaster
  • Warming


  • creation and arrangement of the roof supporting structure;
  • installation of protective elements to prevent biological forms influence;
  • installation of waterproofing and fire protection systems;
  • installation of the roof;
  • installation of a drainage system.

Engineering work

  • design of all types of engineering systems of buildings and constructions;
  • installation of electrical equipment;
  • wiring;
  • commissioning works;
  • measuring work;
  • installation of ventilation and cooling systems;
  • plumbing work;
  • installation of sewerage and water supply systems;
  • installation of independent heating.