Отделочные работы


Plaster is a finishing layer for making the surfaces even of various elements of buildings, walls, partitions, etc., or for giving them the desired shape and texture.

In accordance with the norms, plaster can be divided into
Internal – plastering of internal elements of building, such as walls, partitions, ceilings, internal slopes.
External – plastering facades of buildings and external slopes.


  • cement-sand screed
  • Self-evening screed
  • ceramsite screed
  • concrete laying
  • reinforcement of the screed
  • waterproofing
  • laminate assembling
  • Plywood or OSB mantle on the floor
  • installation of linoleum
  • installation of fitted carpet
  • floorboard assembling
  • plastic skirting boards assembling
  • filling divides in the floor
  • mineral plates or foam polystyrene mantle for floor thermal protection
  • thresholds mantle

Dismantling work

  • walls, floors, ceilings, partitions demolition;
  • floor coverings (linoleum, parquet, carpet, laminate) dismantle;
  • tiles, wallpaper, built-in furniture dismantle;
  • siding, glass wool, insulation dismantle, etc.


  • Ceiling plastering
  • Stretched ceiling
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Gypsum-cardboard ceiling

Plumbing work

  • installation of water supply and drilling wells for water;
  • Installation of engineering systems;
  • Installation of heating systems;
  • installation of sanitary and household appliances;
  • installation of water heaters and autonomous heating.

Electric mantle work

  • wiring;
  • installation of electrical points (sockets, switches);
  • dismantling of old electrical points and their subsequent replacement with new ones (installation of Euro-outlets);
  • installation of lighting elements – connection of chandeliers, spotlights, etc .;
  • installation of automatic safety switches;
  • installation of an electrical distribution board;
  • repair of existing power grids of any complexity.

Joinery works

  • door unit installation
  • installation of the door “accordion”
  • installation of decorative protective corners
  • locks incut
  • platband mantle
  • Wall cladding with decorative panels
  • clapboard cladding
  • installation of a door hinge
  • installation of skirting boards
  • stairs manufacture
  • furniture manufacture