The construction company Yamas-BUD has an official permit to conduct earthworks from the state authorities of Ukraine. You can see the documents in the “Permission Documents” section.

Земляные работы

Excavation. Beginning of construction

Any construction begins with excavation, whether it is a private house, a multi-stored building, an office center or a shopping and entertainment mall. This is rather laborious process. It occurs with the use of special machines and mechanisms.


  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Explosive
  • Manual

Types of earth constructions

  1. According to the surface of the ground: excavations, embankments, underground excavations, backfill;
  2. By service life: permanent and temporary;
  3. For the functional purpose: pits, trenches, yawners, wells, dumps, dams, dams, roadways, tunnels, planning platforms, workings;
  4. According to geometric parameters and spatial form: deep, shallow, extended, concentrated, simple, complex, etc.