архитектурное проектирование

Architecture design

According to complete project correspondence to rules requirements of Governmental standards of Ukraine and customer’s demands the design of buildings is carried out in several stages:

communication with the customer

Architectural design of buildings and constructions begin with communication with the customer. Creators (designers) find out for themselves the basic preferences and desires of the client (usually property developer), determine the type and the style of the building. The measurements of the building area are being carried out and the project documentation is being prepared.

creating architectural concept

The second step (stage) of architectural design of the building is – the creation of an architectural concept. Customer gets acquainted with the concept, gets an overview of the future project, its capabilities. Here he can make his own corrections and additions. In case of successful negotiations, we sign an agreement about the creation of a preliminary design of the building or complex.


During the stage of the preliminary design of the building, the planning decisions of the building are developed. The customer can also make his own wishes in the project. In the draft design, variants of planning and sections are developed in detail. Also, the object is linked to the terrain.


The final stage of the architectural design of the building is the conclusion of a contract for the production of working documentation. We agree on all the details and the moments and proceed to develop the working draft of the building.

At the end of all the works, the finished architectural project is given to the builders.

Shopping malls design

In addition to all aspects of the design of shopping malls, the design of shopping and entertainment malls has its own specialties. The trading functions of such project are fundamental and should occupy about 70% of the total area. At the same time, should be created convenient conditions for animators, all their technological requirements should be taken into account, should be supplied proper noise isolation of trading part from the entertainment one. Therefore, formulation of a unified concept is even more important than while designing regular shopping mall.

Designing of residential buildings

Design of residential buildings and multi-stored buildings is made taking into account the architectural features of the area in which the new facility will be located. Our specialists pay special attention to the appearance of the surrounding buildings and while the design stage they already select building materials necessary for the chosen architectural solutions.

Cottages design

In general, there are two main types of projects: individual, custom-made and ready-made, standard. Therefore, the first option is architectural design of the house “from scratch”. In this case, the customer dictates all the conditions, starting from the building parameters up to rooms, doors, windows, etc. location. Standard projects are typical. This is already developed documentation, where, if desired, may be made some corrections.

Project of an apartment house in the Pechersk district of Kiev city

Проект жилого дома
Residential building at the Dimitrova Street 2 in Kiev

An example of complete project of an apartment house in the central district of Kiev. Underground parking for 250 cars.