The strength of the tree is unrivaled. That’s why we use proven natural materials and combine them with new, revolutionary technologies, creating even more solid and reliable windows that will suit you exactly.


The new l-tec Core technology is glued together thin layers of wood of those species, of which high-strength roofing beams and supports are made. Exactly of this material these wood-aluminum HF windows are made. Such tree has increased resistance to moisture, more durable and dense. In addition, this material is ecological, replenishable and can be used for large heavy constructions. At the same time, narrow bars and low profile frame make the window structure airy.

Double-glazed windows

1. Chambers quantity

Single-chamber glass unit

Single-chamber glass unit consists of two glasses, connected with hermetic materials. Between the glass and profile is a substance that prevents condensation and absorbs water.
Air inside the insulating glass keeps heat, and its low pressure prevents exchange of thermal energy with external environment, providing high properties of heat and sound insulation. Thickness of the glasses is usually 4-6 mm, and asymmetrical distance between them provides high noise insulation.

Double-chamber glass unit

Double-chamber glass unit is frame that consists of three glasses with two air layers between them. This unit mechanism allows to reduce more heat exchange between outdoor and indoor area, and also provides higher level of sound insulation.
Double-glazed windows with two air interlayers are usually wider and heavier than single-glazed. This should be taken into account when one selects and installs it. Usually there are glasses with thickness of 4-6 mm in the construction of such glass unit . Different distance between glasses provides additional protection against noise.
Double-chamber glass units are more suitable for installing windows in moderate and cold climate zones, as well as in the zone with wide range of Rose of Wind. Because of its weight, double-glazed window with two chambers must be installed at a greater installation depth of the window hole. This provides increased insulating properties of double-glazed windows and protection from cold and drafts. Two additional layers of sealing (butyl tape and sealant) in the double-glazed window protect against penetration of moisture inside the room through windows.


2. Sound insulation

Life in a big city is always ambient street noise.
Double-glazed window of a high quality will help you to forget that you live in the center of the metropolis.

The noise level is reduced by 44 dB


3. Insulating properties

Thermal insulation is the energy efficiency of your home. With the help of our windows, you can reduce heat loss in the premises by 76%.


The surface of energy-saving i-glass has vacuum spraying of thinmetal layer -titanium oxide or silver, 0.08-0.12 microns thick. Metallized layer has excellent heat-reflecting properties. It is almost invisible, but it provides high heat-reflecting characteristics.

High reliability of energy-saving double-glazed windows
Buying and installing in your home profiles offered by the manufacturers, you get full confidence in the durability of their maimtenance. For profiles production are used only the most advanced and environmentally friendly materials . This makes the window resistant to various external factors, temperature changes and weather conditions. Optimal combination of the quality and the cost.

Chambers filling with argon

Nowdays there are several methods of filling window chambers. A standard and relatively cheap method is filling with dry (dehumidified) air, and improved and, as a result, expensive method is chambers filling with some kinds of inert gases.

Заполнение стеклопакетов аргоном

Usualy, nowadays is widespread filling with argon, xenon, krypton and their combinations . Each of these gases differs with features, as a result, chambers facilities depend on its filling . For example, thermal conductivity of xenon and krypton is greater than that of argon, however these gases are expensive.

In many ways, the use of argon as filling is considered to be the most efficient, and therefore, both demanded and widespread. Its cost is quite available, and gas properties make it possible to use it as filler for double-glazed windows.


Double-glazed windows filled with argon have significantly better maintenance capacities comparing with double-glazed units with dry air. These constructions are distinguished by the insulation efficiency, they represent excellent protection of premises from UV rays, they are characterized by good optical qualities.
High thermal insulating properties of double-glazed windows with argon are explained by physical property of this gas – its thermal conductivity is much less than the air environment. The opportunity to save heat in rooms when installing insulating glass with argon is increased by 60%, compared with traditional double-glazed windows with dry air.
Due to high level of thermal insulation properties of window constructions with double-glazed glass units of this type, it is possible not only to keep the optimal temperature in premises in winter, but also to maintain it while heat. And this means that installation of double-glazed windows with argon is great saving throughout the year – in winter on additional heating, and in summer – on air conditioning systems.
Degree of thermal insulation of a single-chamber insulating glass unit filled with argon corresponds to the same index of a 2-chamber double-glazed unit with air. This is another advantage of this type of filling – installation of double-glazed unit with argon significantly reduces the load on hinges and other fittings, due to less weight. In addition, windows with such double-glazed glass units have longer service life, rarely require repair or replacement.

The efficiency of windows with double-glazed glass units filled with argon can be strengthened by equipping them with energy-saving glasses. The thinnest double-glazed window of similar design has excellent qualities for energy saving.

Very important quality of insulating glass with argon is its good sound insulation, as one of the properties of argon is density, and the speed with which sound waves propagate in it is much less than in air (by 20-25%).
Also argon in the double-glazed window has another useful property – the ability to reflect the most of UV rays. This ability is very useful while hot summer time, with direct hits of sunlight. Double-glazed windows with argon are excellent protection of furniture, carpets, wallpaper from fading.
Good optical properties of argon practically do not distort panoramic views from the window, which is the advantage of double-glazed windows with argon, in comparison with double-glazed windows with air (in which the effect of the lens is possible with temperature fluctuations).

Key Features

The opinion that in insulated glass filled with argon may appear increased pressure, which can lead to complete destruction of the window structure, is mistaken. As well as filling construction, with dry air, in insulated glass units with argon, neither low nor high pressure occurs. It means that double-glazed windows don’t deform.

Основные особенности аргон

Many consumers worry that argon is hazardrous to human health, and in case of depressurization of a double-glazed unit, it can penetrate into the room. However, all the chemical properties of argon, as well as the reliability of the glass unit itself, refute this.

Argon is explosion-proof, ignition failed, not radioactive, and inert towards other chemicals (doesn’t react with them, and therefore doesn’t make other harmful compounds). This gas isn’t toxic, environmentally friendly for human health, and environment.

Leakage of argon from double-glazed unit can be no more than 2% of the total volume of filling during the year, what is ensured by high level of 2-level sealing. The accident-free usage period of chambers with argon is more than 50 years, which is confirmed by the manufacturer’s warranty.
To determine before window installation, whether the glass unit is filled with argon, is used special thermal imager. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase window constructions in specialized companies, that protects one from fake.

Window tinting

Window tinting it isn’t just a fashion, it’s practical solution. Specular, brown or color toning makes exterior of the building and interior of the room attractive and stylish, as well as creates additional visual effects when sunlight passes through (color glare, highlight of base lighting in attractive golden, silver, bluish and other tones).

Тонирование окон

Specular tinting is often used when offices and houses glazing, allowing to hide everything that is behind the glass, make interior spaces invisible for prying eyes. Specular tinted glass use makes possible not to use curtains or blinds, even on the first floors of a residential building. You can feel confident and comfortable, knowing that no one is watching you and your close people from the street or from the window of neighbour house. By the way, toning can be used not only for windows, but also for internal doors and partitions.


Windows and doors made of metal-plastic profiles can be not only traditionally white, but also colored, for this while production is used lamination technology. The color palette of the lamination film presents both bright and daring solutions, as well as shades imitating the texture of valuable tree species. Windows made of laminated profile will decorate any interior.

Ламинирование окна
Цвета ламинации окон


PVC and PVC windows / Aluminum
Thermal insulation (W / m2K) Uw=0,67
Sound insulation (dB) to 43
Safety RC2
Thermal insulation (W / m2K) Uw=0,74
Sound insulation (dB) до 45
Safety RC1, RC2
Wood Aluminum Windows
Thermal insulation (W / m2K) Uw=0,67
Sound insulation (dB)) до 46
Safety RC2
Windows “Alumo-wood”

Joining of the best technologies and materials, combination of reliable and durable aluminum with spectacular wood species, are new aluminum-wood windows from YamasBud. The outer part and frame of the window consists of thermally insulated aluminum, an improved version of one of the most highly isolated and technological systems.


According to the doors purpose, they are passage and boundary at the same time. Can be opened or closed. There is no third option – it’s easy and in this simple situation there is beauty.

Rich offer of YamasBud doors allows to choose the product that matches tastes and needs of the customer. We constantly follow trends in the market to ensure that our offer remains relevant and attractive. We take care that colors of the products meet the client’s needs. We also pay attention to the details, so Yamas is a brand that combines functional solutions and high quality.

Interior doors in synthetic coating

16. Міжкімнатні двері зі склом (в двох кольорах)

We have wide range of models and door coverings for house, apartments, lofts and offices. Fans of classic and fans of modern trends will find among our offers suitable product.

Interior doors in natural coating

14. raspashnie
For those, who have good taste, make effective and elegant solutions, we have prepared collection of canvases in natural coating. Here you can find both traditional and modern canvases.


10. svetlie-dveri-v-interere-7
Internal entrance doors Yamas are in sush options: reinforced, fireproof and anti-burglar doors. It’s important to note that entrance doors have the same set of colors as doors for premises. Therefore, it will be easier for you to choose one color range for entrance and interior doors.


Наружные двери
External doors complement style of the building, and also protect from noise, cold and moisture. Yamas doors have exceptional thermal insulation properties, what in combination with the use of effective anti-burglary solutions guarantees safety and comfort.

Sliding doors

Advantages of sliding doors can’t be overestimated. They are convenient, practical and save useful area of the room, their sound insulation is not inferior to the windows, since they are made of window profiles. Their anti-burglary can be brought to the level of WK2, which is not inferior to the level of anti-vandal entrance door, and the resistance to heat transfer meets the highest energy efficiency requirements of translucent structures.

Развдижная система

Lift-sliding door system is manufactured by us of special metal-plastic, wooden and aluminum profiles, the minimal width of the movable leaf is 0.75 meters, the maximum width of the movable leaf is 3.2 meters.
The total height of the structure reaches 3.3 meters. And the overall width of the structure can reach 18.0 meters.