The building company Yamasbud is:

The building company of  new formation providing  full range of construction works, from the design stage to the construction of the object and its delivery on a “turnkey” basis!

“Yamas-Bud” is constantly increasing its capacity and is ready to carry out general contracting activity for projects of various purposes, namely: residential complexes, office centres, shopping and entertainment malls, industrial facilities, individual cottages, etc. Thanks to powerful technical base, experience and implementation of new technologies we fulfill works in a high quality and  according to the fixed schedule.

The company ``Yamas-BUD`` offers such services:

  • General designing.
  • Investigation of the initial condition of construction area, carrying out necessary surveys.
  • Excavation.
  • Construction and installation work
  • Engineering services.
  • Management of the construction budget within the approved budget.
  • Investigation and application of new materials and construction technologies.
  • Purchase, delivery to the construction area and storage of necessary materials.
  • Providing logistics, culture of construction, communication, everyday routine, construction area settlement.
  • Ensuring required quality of work, monitoring terms and budget of the implementers.
  • Interaction with technical supervision, author’s supervision, state control authorities.
  • Repair and decoration works, landscaping, facade work.
  • Preparation of executive documentation.
  • Customer’s facilities delivery.


We offer various options of project complementation in terms of general contracting services. We provide individual approach for each customer, taking into account his requirements and wishes.

We won’t stop until the floor is level, but constantly develop and improve!